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Video Surveillance

Tailored Solutions

Here at Lead Star Security, we provide tailored solutions through various partnerships that cater to our diverse clients to meet their specified video surveillance needs, whether a small garage or large manufacturing/industrial facility. Video surveillance is a strong deterrent against fraud and theft, and gives clients the recorded footage they need to audit activity and make educated management decisions.

Consult, Plan, And Design

Our expert team will consult, plan, and design a technological and cost-effective solution. Through extensive experience, we are able to provide thoughtful discussion and valuable insight about what products and systems work best to achieve the desired result for you. We partner and advise on what industry brands and technologies are proven and reliable for our clients.

Video Surveillance Camera
Camera for video surveillance
Guard monitoring a control panel
Guard working on a security keypad
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Intrusion Alarms

Lead Star can help ensure peace of mind through state-of-the-art intrusion alarm systems customized to meet the needs of your residence or business. Intrusion alarms reduce risk and protect assets with real-time alerts.


Door and Window Sensors

Glass Break Detection

Motion Detection (Indoor and Outdoor)

Shock Sensors

Proximity Sensors

Panic Buttons

Pressure Sensors


Access Control

Lead Star understands that whatever premises our clients occupy they must be able to properly control the free flow of authorized personnel or restrict flow of unwanted personnel. Lead Star access control systems allow clients to act as their own electronic security gatekeeper to electronically regulate entryways and exit points, with systems designed to be versatile, flexible and scalable to suit the needs of our clients.

Access control for video surveillance equipment

Single/Multi Door Systems

Stand Alone/PC Based Network Solutions

Pin/FOB/Card And Biometric Readers

Our security team is result-driven and dedicated to providing UL rated access control systems to address client’s security challenges. From one door at one location to multiple doors at multiple locations, we guarantee a seamless integration to meet your business needs.

Drone surveillance technology
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Fully FAA Certified

Drone Technology

Lead Star has recognized the demand for a cost effective and advanced surveillance platform that provide clients with the technological innovation of drones. Drone technology has advanced significantly over the past decade and has increased popularity in both public and private sectors.

We are fully FAA certified and employ FAA UAV pilots. Drones can service both public and private sectors including but not limited to:

Real Estate & Construction

Land Development

Industrial/Utility Sites


Disaster Investigations

Search & Rescue

Site Inspections

Agriculture, Farming & Ranch Operations

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Lead Star

The Rest

30+ Years in Law Enforcement Experience

Reliability You Can Count On

Tailored Customer Service

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See How Lead Star Compares With The Rest Of The Competition

Lead Star

30+ Years in Law Enforcement

Reliability You Can Count On

Tailored Customer Service

Quick Response Time

Provides Peace of Mind

The Rest

Probably less Experience

Why chance it?

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