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Place of Worship Security • Church Security

Place of worship security is paramount to provide peace of mind to all staff, members, and visitors while at their church or other place of worship.  Understanding and respecting the traditions of religious organizations, Lead Star church security guards provide security services that do not infringe.

Place of Worship Security Services

Keep Your Place of Worship Safe With Church Security

Our extensively trained security guards team provides a comforting presence for those gathering in worship and community, allowing members, visitors, and staff to breathe freely without fear of incident. The full-service solutions that we provide at your place of worship are personalized for the needs of each religious building and community and maximize church security. 

Everyone in attendance will have peace of mind, knowing there is a trained and professional team looking out for them.

Industries We Serve

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Apartments & Residential Properties
Whether you own or are renting your apartment or home, you need to know that you are safe and secure. That’s why Lead Star Security provides effective security measures with top-of-the-line efficiency.
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Educational Institutions
With a team of carefully trained and experienced security officers, you can have the peace of mind that your school is safe for students and employees.

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Corporate Security
Every high rise has its own set of security needs, causing our security team to craft the perfect plan for each one.

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Healthcare Facilities
A great security team is essential for hospitals and other healthcare facilities, in order to keep patients, medical professionals, employees, visitors, and vendors safe.
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Hospitality Industry
The Lead Star Security team will be highly skilled in ensuring the safety and protection of all customers, employees, vendors, and visitors.

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Homeowners Associations
With an experienced security team, you can ensure that the safety needs of the entire community are covered.

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Commercial & Retail Properties
Whether you own a shopping center, a retail center, or a commercial plaza, you will need a top security team to ensure the safety of your customers, employees, parking lots, and stores.
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Financial Institutions
Lead Star security guards stand by the door of the building to welcome customers and provide a sense of security, as well as to help deter and prevent potential thefts and robberies
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Industrial • Manufacturing Facilities
Along with facility management, Lead Star Security crafts a personalized security plan for each facility.

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Non-Profit Agencies
Non-profit agencies have a need of security, and the needs are wide and vary greatly from organization to organization.
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Parking Security
Our teams will patrol the parking lot, a stable and consistent presence deterring any potential crimes or negative acts.
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Special Events
Lead Star Security will work with you to understand your needs and wants for your security team.
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All types of government facilities are in need of great security solutions... Lead Star Security is your best solution!
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