Security Incident Response Plan & Emergency Response Security

Security Incident Response Plan & Emergency Response Security

Security Response Plan


Emergency response security procedures can mitigate damages and loss in crises. A solid security incident response plan is crucial to properly executing any emergency incident response. A well-trained ERT (Emergency Response Team) can utilize the incident response plan to help manage and coordinate the activities necessary to mitigate even the most dangerous and unexpected situations. 

Emergency Response Planning By Industry

Every industry has its own unique security needs. Emergency security priorities for industrial and manufacturing industries are most likely to be focused on employee safety. In comparison, the hospitality and retail sectors that shift more focus of their emergency response procedures to the safety and security of guests and customers. All businesses and government entities must prepare an effective emergency response plan to deal with all security incidents and unforeseen emergencies that may arise.

It is critical that your organization plans how you will handle a security event in these times. Learn from other security events. How can you stop that issue from happening again? Develop awareness and knowledge of potential threats in your area which may impact your business. Use this knowledge to develop your plans, security procedures, chain of command communication, and emergency response needs. Regardless of your industry, it is vital to incorporate business continuity plans in your emergency protocols. 

Plan for the following:

  • Protection of staff, vendors, customers, guests, students
  • Facility and systems access control
  • Video surveillance monitoring
  • Network infrastructure
  • Active Shooter
  • Natural disasters 
  • Emergency signage
  • Suspicious activity reporting
  • Crowd control
  • Parking security
  • Inspection programs

Proper planning for incident response security is the most critical factor in ensuring emergency security. Emergency response planning and security for special events, educational institutions, and healthcare facilities vary in procedures, protocol, and chain of command emergency notification for each of these sectors.


ERT – Emergency Response Team Training

Critically important is security guard training, including emergency response procedures for security guards. Security is key to every business, particularly at this time. The best security companies can help businesses stay safe and be protected in any incident or emergency.

A security emergency response plan includes security guards trained to respond to any emergency. The role of security guards is to protect anyone at your facility, including staff, vendors, customers, guests, students as well as protecting assets from any theft or destruction and to keep the location secured in a crisis. 

Additionally, the role of the security guards in specific emergencies is determined by the employer or client specifications. If an emergency occurs, a quick response to any incident depends upon the prompt response to it by a highly professional security presence. Well-trained security guards will know how to act and respond successfully in emergency situations.

Commercial Business Preparation

Emergency preparation and planning are always vital. However, this need is heightened in commercial business due to the potential for many people to be involved and assets that need to be considered. 

Fortunately, many commercial businesses implement security emergency response plans and employ a security incident response team. The team may be composed of internal staffing resources or contracted with an external team. Security professionals employed by Lead Star Security, Inc. specialize in playing a vital role in emergency preparedness, response, and recovery. 

What is essential for security and safety to secure your personnel and assets?

  • The security team’s knowledge of your facility
  • Staff and personnel knowledge
  • Security procedures
  • Safety procedures

Lead Star Security operates with the best practices in commercial business preparedness.

Emergency Management

Various natural disasters threaten the lives and property of communities and businesses worldwide. In times of crisis or disaster, Lead Star can provide organizations and communities with a full range of emergency response services to help.

Lead Star’s crisis consultants can support proactive training and solutions. This expertise can also provide advice and support if your organization finds itself amid a crisis. All of this expertise has the goal of helping you be better prepared to deal with problems should a critical incident threaten your business.

Why Lead Star Security Shines for You

If you think of hiring security guard services in California, hire services that guarantee well-trained and experienced professionals. Lead Star Security will thoroughly evaluate your business situation and partner with your organization to develop a complete emergency management plan when needed. 

Lead Star Security is a Sacramento-based security guard company and an industry-leading security provider in Northern California. We provide security solutions for hundreds of businesses with a client-centered approach.

With over a decade of experience in the industry, we provide clients with risk assessments, budget-conscious security solutions using leading-edge technology, training focused on top-level management and security personnel, and uncompromising standards. 

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